Welcome to J2R Costumes!

J2R Costumes is a relatively new costume shop, though it is built on decades of experience in the entertainment industry. We offer end-to-end production of all manner of costumes for the film and theatrical industries, with a special focus on anthromorphic animal fursuits and costumes.

We do not build generic sporting-event type mascots, but rather one-off custom made wearable artwork for the discerning cosplayer or professional performer.

Your Costumer

About Aushi: I've been working in the entertainment industry in one guise or other for over twenty years. My client list includes a litany of customers from massive media firms in the entertainment world to small regional theatres. There is very little I cannot build, and I take great pleasure in being challenged with unexpected and difficult projects.

I pride myself on my business first mentality, accurate and frequent communication with clients, and ability to work truly ridiculous hours when necessary to make the impossible possible.


At any given time, we stock several hundred yards of faux fur and other costume-related materials so that we can rapidly produce virtually anything you may desire. For highly customized orders, we can source specialty materials from many vendors located in New York City in a matter of hours.


We can produce virtually any type of costume from conventional fursuits to one-off custom creatures and props for film and theatrical use.

We have a full in-house electronics shop for all manner of lighting, cooling and animatronic designs you may wish to challenge us with.

Our Facility

We make our magic in an 8,000 square foot prototyping and costuming shop in northern New Jersey. Our fabrication capabilities include virtually all materials and methods, including casting foam and resin, CNC and manual machining of all materials, and industrial grade sewing, adhesive and material handling equipment.